Only Heaven: Footlights, 2003

Both recordings are twice-upon-a-time. On the other hand, way, way off-Broadway, in Dayton Ohio, an exceptional but unassuming totally new musical came and went during the same year. Only Heaven is its name and although most likely you’ve never heard of it, you should hear it. It has lots of beautiful and otherwise special songs, superbly sung and played. The music is by Ricky Ian Gordon, not a major Broadway name, although he has written several shows which have appeared elsewhere. Clearly he has melodic gifts, resembling at times the lyrical side of Sondheim or Harold Arlen’s sultriness. The words are poems by Langston Hughes, the source and inspiration for the concept. Only Heaven has no major book or story-line, but rather seems most like an extended poem itself. It’s from PS Classics.

– Gordon Spencer, Footlights, May/June 2003