A Horse with Wings

21 songs for medium high voice and piano

Published by Hal Leonard/Williamson Music

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Afternoon On A Hill
Fewer Words
A Horse With Wings
I Am Cherry Alive
Janet Underneath The Roses
The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
My Sister’s New Red Hat
An Old Fashioned Song
Once I Was
Poem (Lana Turner Has Collapsed!)
The Red Dress
The Special Picnic
The Spring And The Fall
Sweet Song
Sycamore Trees
What Shall We Remember?
White Haired Woman
Will There Really Be A Morning?

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These are corrections to the edition published by Hal Leonard/Williamson Music


Wherever Kurt Ollmann’s name appears…it should be Ollmann.

The name Faure needs to be corrected.


Pg 61-bar 6, in R.H., before the half-note chord, cut the natural sign.

Pg 63-bar 31, vocal line- the “ing” of “dream-ing” should be A sharp.

Pg 64-bar 40, the 1st 16th note on the and of beat 4 in the right hand should be a B flat.

Pg 65-bar 52, last note in left hand is a quarter note.

Pg 65-bar 56, Vocal line “I’ll Scream it,” should be an E flat.

“Fewer Words”

Pg 95-bar 62, in the vocal line, “fear” should be a Bb, a Major third down, and in the piano part, the R.H., first chord, the E, is Eb and is missing the flat sign.

“A Horse With Wings”

Pages 34 & 35 should be reversed!

* (2nd edition as well!) Page 35-Bar 36, the first bass note in the L.H. should be a Bb and not an A.


Page 38, Bar 19, the C should be flatted in the R.H. Chord

Bar 21, Beat 3, should be a D natural in R.H.

Page 40, Bar 39, L.H. Beat 1, note at top of chord should be an E sharp, NOT an F sharp

“I Am Cherry Alive”

Pg-117- bar 31, last chord in R.H. needs a flat sign before the B.

Pg-118- bar 45, beat 2 and one half in R.H. needs a sharp sign before C, and a natural sign before the C in the left hand.

Pg-126, bar 114, 3rd chord in R. H. needs a natural sign before the E.

“Janet Underneath the Roses”

Pg 103, bar 1, F in left hand needs tie.

Pg 103, bar 11, the octave in the left hand should be an E flat octave.

Pg 105, bars 27 and 28, A naturals-in left hand.

Pg 105, bar 38, the F in left hand is tied.

Pg 106, bar 42, tie last A flat in left hand to A flat in next bar.

Pg 107, bar 52, 3rd eighth note in left hand is G flat.

Pg 107, bar 54, last 8th notes in R.H. piano (D and G) should be G flat.

Pg 107, bar 60, last chord in right hand needs a flat sign before the A.

Pg 108, bar 73, in R.H., all A sharps (add sharp signs).

Pg 108, bar 77, 2nd eighth note in right hand is G flat.

Pg 111, bar 104, 1st chord in R.H. needs a flat sign before the D.

pg 111, bar 111, the 2nd eighth note in the R. H. is G flat, not natural

Pg 111, bar 113, Last Quarter note in right hand is G natural, add a natural sign.

Pg 112, bar 122, in Left Hand- the E trill needs a natural sign before the E (half-note).

“Lake Isle of Innisfree”

Page 47, Bar 10, Beat 1, R.H. Should be exactly like Beat 1 in Bar 9 (with the added C sixteenth note)

Pg 49-bar 21, in 1st left hand chord, the bottom note should be a G sharp, not an F sharp.

Pg 50-bar 28, lyric should read, ” and ev-ning’s full of the”.

“My Sister’s New Red Hat”

Pg 31, bar 29, instead of un poco piu lento, it should say, Slightly Faster, with a quarter note equal to an 8th note.

“An Old Fashioned Song”

Pg-129-bar 22, vocal line, F dotted half note should be slurred to an E flat quarter note.

Page 129, Bar 24, in the left hand, the first count of 16th notes the D should be D natural in the left hand.

Pg 130, bar 37, in the left hand of the piano part, the F on the 3rd beat is an F natural

“Once I Was”

Pg-12, bar 53, in vocal line, the last G in the bar should not be tied to the whole note G in bar 54.

“Poem (Lana Turner Has Collapsed!)”

Page 43, Bar 11, Beat 3 in the L.H., the Bass note should be an Ab a step down, so it is not an octave, but a 9th!

Pg 44-bar 25, 2nd Quarter note in vocal line is B flat, add a flat sign.

“The Red Dress”

Pg 69-bar 21, on beat 2 and a half, in the tenor voice (Piano) there should be a D natural, and also, D natural as well, on the 3rd beat in the right hand under the A.


Pg 59-bar10, In the L.H. of the piano, the first C Sharp should be an eighth note and there should be a G Sharp eighth note (top space) next to it before the next E .

“The Special Picnic”

Pg-102- bar 52, In R. H. of piano, beat Three and one half (and) is a G flat, not natural.

“Sweet Song”

Pg 15-bar 22, lyric should read “joy that once I had?”

Pg 18-bar 52, should have a whole note E flat in the vocal line tied to the E flat whole note in the preceding measure.

Pg 20-bar 72, in the 4th beat of the right hand in the piano part, the first 8th note should be a G, not an F.

Pg 21-bar 73, 2nd Quarter note in right hand of piano-soprano voice-should be a G as opposed to an F.

Pg 21-bar 74, 4th Quarter note in vocal line is a C, not a C flat.

“Sycamore Trees”

Pg-88-bar 59, last eighth note in L.H. is a C, not an A flat.

“What Shall We Remember”

Pg 72-bar 4, The first F in the R.H. pf the piano should be F natural.

Pg 73-bar 21, in the vocal line, the eighth note, the C# which is for the syllable “cean” of “O-cean”, should be quarter note as opposed to an eighth.

Pg 74-bar 32, lyric should be “one uninterrupted”.

Pg 74-bar 28, on beat 2 and a half, the D in the L.H. should be D natural tied to a D natural.

Pg 75-bar 36, the first two quarter notes in the Vocal Line should be DOTTED quarters…over the word “on-ly”.

Pg 75-bar 47, the 2nd to last eighth note in the R. H. should be B natural.

Pg 76-bar 56, in the R.H. of the piano part. the 2nd chord should have a G# as opposed to a G natural.

Pg 77-bar 60, in the 2nd chord in the R.H., the top note should be A flat, as opposed to A natural.

“White Haired Woman”

Pg-135-bar 15, vocal line, 2nd note should be a G second line (over “she”).