Finding Home

21 songs for voice and piano

Published by Hal Leonard

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Blessing The Boats
Bus Stop
A Contemporary
Dream True
Finding Home
Home Of The Brave
I’m Open All Night
Just An Ordinary Guy
Let Evening Come
Love Song For Lucinda
A Lullaby
My Mother Is A Singer
New Moon
Poor Girl’s Ruination
Run Away
We Will Always Walk Together
Wild Swans

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These are corrections to the edition published by Hal Leonard

“Blessing the Boats”

Page 15, 4th system, 2nd measure, piano part right hand, third beat. The 8va sign only refers to the figure in the R.H. while the L.H. should be playing the 8th notes below it.


Page 10, 1st Bar…metronome marking should read quarter note equals 126, not 128

“Poor Girl’s Ruination/The Dream Keeper”

Page 17, Bar 1…metronome marking should read DOTTED quarter equals 72

Page 17, 4th System, 2nd bar, in the L.H. of the piano, the 6th and 7th notes, both E flats, should be tied to each other.

“A Contemporary”

Page 25, 2nd system, the Tempo marking should be, Maestoso, quarter note equals 63, and then, 3rd system, 3rd bar, Tempo 1 quarter equals 80

“Run Away”

Page 26, metronome marking should be DOTTED quarter equals 112!

Page 26, The 4th system, 2nd bar, the last note in the L.H. should be a Bb, a m3rd lower, not a Db.

Page 27, 1st System, last bar, the last note in the L.H. should be an Eb, a whole step higher.

Page 32, 1st System, 2nd bar…the last note in the L.H should be a Bb (same as before) and not a Db.

Page 32, the 3rd system, 2nd bar, the last note in the L.H. should be an Eb, not a Db (same as before).

“Love Song For Lucinda”

Page 55, 3rd system, quarter note equals 63

“Wild Swans”

Page 57, change metronome marking to 126, NOT 144

“Open All Night”

Page 64, metronome marking should be 76, NOT 92, and then 3rd system, 69, not 60

“Just An Ordinary Guy”

Page 92, 4th system, 1st bar, the 2nd chord in the L.H. of the piano should have an F sharp on the bottom as opposed to an E.


Page 97, 2nd system, 2nd measure, last quarter note of the piano part, left hand. Should be D#, to conform with other, otherwise identical, measures.

Page 99, 2nd system, 1st bar, the Man’s vocal line, “quick and well” should be the notes E (3rd space) E F (4th line) as opposed to C C A.

Page 99, 3rd System, 1st bar, in the R.H. of the piano, the 2nd chord should have a flat sign before the D.

“My Mother Is A Singer”

Page 101, metronome marking should be 72, NOT 80

Page 103, 2nd system, bar 2, in the last chord in the R.H., the bottom note is F natural.

Page 103, 3rd system, the 2nd bar, the last chord in the R.H. should have an E flat on top, NOT E natural!

Page 104, 1st system, 2nd bar, R.H. the F at the end of beat 2 should be tied to the F on beat 3

“Bus Stop”

Page 107, 1st system…first metronome marking should be 72, NOT 80, and the 2nd should be 80, NOT 84

Page 107, the 1st System, R.H of the piano in the 3rd bar, the last 16th of beat 3 should be tied to first 16th note of beat 4 (the F’s) also, in bar 4…last F, of beat 1 in R.H. should be tied to first F of beat 2.

Page 110, the 1st system, 2nd measure…in the R.H.—all through that bar should be C NATURALS

“Home Of The Brave”

Page 115, 2nd system, 4th bar, in the L.H., the C should be flatted (on top of the 6th).

Page 115, 4th system, 2nd bar , the lyric should be “it happened THE way” not THAT

Page 120, 4th System, 3rd bar, on the and of the 2nd beat in the L.H., the octave should be Bb a M3 up and not a Gb octave.

“A Lullaby”

Page 122, 1st System, metronome marking should be 76, NOT 58

Page 125, 4th system, 4th Bar, add metronome marking, quarter equals 63

“Dream True”

Page 132, metronome marking should be 54, NOT 56

Page 134, 3rd system, 3rd Bar, F flat in the left hand

Page 137, 2nd system, 1st bar…Peter should echo Vernon’s “Vivid Detail” exactly…

“We Will Always Walk Together”

Page 144, 3rd Bar, metronome marking should be 116 NOT 120

“Let Evening Come”

Page 153, First metronome mark should be 63 NOT 56