Only Heaven

17 songs for medium high voice and piano

Texts by Langston Hughes

Published by Hal Leonard/Williamson Music

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Angel Wings
Daybreak In Alabama
Dream Variations
Harlem Night Song
In Time Of Silver Rain
Late Last Night
Night: Four Songs
Port Town
Song For A Dark Girl
When Sue Wears Red

Only Heaven




Press Quotes


The most distinctive music heard all season, it embraces Hughes’ bumpy asymmetrical rhythms with a soaring mellifluousness, not bothering with catchy melodic hooks but going straight to the emotional center.

– David Patrick Stearns, USA Today

Sweet soaring music…

– David Sheward, Back Stage

Gordon has an excellent sense of melody and does a good job of setting the text.

– Jane L. Komarov, Opera News

Some of the songs are extremely moving, others sadly touching.

– Aileen Jacobson, New York Newsday


These are corrections to the edition published by Hal Leonard/Williamson Music

“Daybreak in Alabama”

Page 16, 4th system, right hand of piano part. There should be a bass clef indication for this measure, then a treble clef at its end. (comparing mm. 4-5 of song)

“Angels Wings”

Pg-36-bars 4 and 5, in the vocal line, on the word “snow” the Db should tie to a Db in Bar 5 and not go to an Eb.

Pg-37-bar 20-in the R.H. of the piano , the last D (32nd note) needs to have a natural sign.

Pg-37-bar 22, the G in the 2nd chord in the R.H. of the piano, should be a G flat (and perhaps a courtesy Db at the bottom of that chord as well).


Pg-66-bar 50, the A at the top of the chord in the R.H. should be A natural.

“Late Last Night”

Pg-23-bar 34, G flat in the LH chord.

Pg-25-bar 84, G flat in the LH chord.


Pg-40-1st bar, make sure the 1st bar is twice as slow and then into tempo at the 2nd bar.

“Night: Four Songs”

Pg-76-bar 7, the D in the middle of the chord in the L.H. should be flat.


Pg-48-bars 49-51, the voice in the R.H. of the piano should be a m3rd down from the voice and from where it is (like the vocal line in bars 46-48 (That is only if the vocalize is sung!).

“Port Town”

Page 28, the 1st and 4th beat should be a Bb in the bass