Only Heaven

17 songs for medium high voice and piano

Texts by Langston Hughes

Published by Hal Leonard/Williamson Music

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Angel Wings
Daybreak In Alabama
Dream Variations
Harlem Night Song
In Time Of Silver Rain
Late Last Night
Night: Four Songs
Port Town
Song For A Dark Girl
When Sue Wears Red

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These are corrections to the edition published by Hal Leonard/Williamson Music

“Daybreak in Alabama”

Page 16, 4th system, right hand of piano part. There should be a bass clef indication for this measure, then a treble clef at its end. (comparing mm. 4-5 of song)

“Angels Wings”

Pg-36-bars 4 and 5, in the vocal line, on the word “snow” the Db should tie to a Db in Bar 5 and not go to an Eb.

Pg-37-bar 20-in the R.H. of the piano , the last D (32nd note) needs to have a natural sign.

Pg-37-bar 22, the G in the 2nd chord in the R.H. of the piano, should be a G flat (and perhaps a courtesy Db at the bottom of that chord as well).


Pg-66-bar 50, the A at the top of the chord in the R.H. should be A natural.

“Late Last Night”

Pg-23-bar 34, G flat in the LH chord.

Pg-25-bar 84, G flat in the LH chord.


Pg-40-1st bar, make sure the 1st bar is twice as slow and then into tempo at the 2nd bar.

“Night: Four Songs”

Pg-76-bar 7, the D in the middle of the chord in the L.H. should be flat.


Pg-48-bars 49-51, the voice in the R.H. of the piano should be a m3rd down from the voice and from where it is (like the vocal line in bars 46-48 (That is only if the vocalize is sung!).

“Port Town”

Page 28, the 1st and 4th beat should be a Bb in the bass

The most distinctive music heard all season, it embraces Hughes’ bumpy asymmetrical rhythms with a soaring mellifluousness, not bothering with catchy melodic hooks but going straight to the emotional center.
—David Patrick Stearns, USA Today

Sweet soaring music…
—David Sheward, Back Stage
Gordon has an excellent sense of melody and does a good job of setting the text.
—Jane L. Komarov, Opera News

Some of the songs are extremely moving, others sadly touching.
—Aileen Jacobson, New York Newsday

Only Heaven